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Our story; our brew


Our origin can be traced to a man’s first taste of true coffee that bloomed into a passion to share this taste with the world. He is café owner and master roaster, David Feng.

His appreciation and dedication to the art of coffee has led to his guiding principle – the hand-to-hand philosophy.

From bidding for the highest quality beans grown in hands of specialized farmers around the globe to hand curating the beans, before light roasting to a vibrant cinnamon color to preserve the flavor of the Land, Air and Water where the beans were grown. Appraising the roasted beans by sight and touch to ensure only the finest beans make it into the brew. Beans treated with love every hand of the way.

Every drop of David’s passion not only cultivated his daughter’s joy for the art, but it also inspired her to bring this love and appreciation to the hands of people. Their reverence for the bean has led to the pursuit for the depth of taste and having coffee as is, in all it’s unadulterated goodness.

Purebrew is the essence of love an unbreakable bond between father and daughter and their shared warmth for coffee.

Residing in SG, his daughter brings the unique notes of many lands to the discerning palates of Singapore. 

Delivering a brew of pure flavour 

From Farmer to Roaster to You

Origin - Café SoDavid Taiwan

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Find Us Here

No. 255, Zhonghua Rd., Luodong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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