Ann’s Travel Kit


Whether you are rushing to go or constantly on the move, our single serving specialty drip bag, where Character (Calibre) meets Convenience is your best companion.


Now, we offer you More & Better.


A complete First-Class Quality Travel Set, a perfect gift for yourself and love ones.


A cup of Excellent coffee, anytime and anywhere.



250ml Rose Gold Gooseneck Kettle

The featured kettle regulates a steady and controlled water flow, a key factor in pour-over coffee, without compromising on its quality


Specialty Coffee Drip Bag x 8

Using same high-quality beans from our roaster, our dedication to the brew will not disappoint you


Purebrew Bag (Made with Cotton)

Friends and lovers of the Purebrew brand, here’s our very 1st logo printed merchandise. Collect yours today!

Ann’s Travel Kit

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  • 1. Tear open drip bag


    2. Put drip bag handles over mug, exposing coffee grinds


    3. Pour hot water into opened drip bag with Purebrew Rose Gold Kettle, over the grinds (control flow)


    4. Remove used drip bag, coffee is ready


    Recommended water temperature for pour over 88 to 92  degree Celsius